Types of Teachers

Teachers are different in their own kind. Every teacher thinks that he / she is the best. Hey guys today I am going to tell you about different Types of Teachers.

1. Self-Obsessed teacher

These type of teachers think that they know everything. According to them they are never wrong. So there’s no point of arguing with them as they won’t listen to you instead they would freak out

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2. Hilarious teacher

Students love these kind of teachers as these teachers make studies a little better. Their way of teaching is different from other teachers, they teach in an amusing way

3. Scary teacher

These teachers are really creepy. They love giving students goosebumps from the moment they enter the classroom. Students are petrified the moment they see them

4. Trendy teacher

When he / she enters the class all the focus gets on him / her. The main point is that they are really attractive. Every student attends their class. Some students are even desperate to be in their class

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