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Teenage is a stage in which our life changes completely. We face challenges. Challenges we didn’t knew about when we were kids. At the same time we like to be teenagers. We get to know new things. We need to get our own lives. We can’t depend on our parents anymore. Also one thing that teens thrive for is company of friends. Many teens even go beyond the pale to be a part of the cool group. When it comes to dressing, teenage girls go out of their way to look beautiful.

Types of Teen Girls

1. Drama Queens

These type of girls deal with every situation melodramatically. They are also known as Attention-Seekers or Narcissists as they thrive on attention. They burst into tears / get emotional even in the most minor situations. They love seeing drama unfold and gossip is their native language.

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2. Fashionistas

Fashion is the life of these girls. If anyone looks better than them then its the end of the world. You won’t spot them wearing something normal even a singe day. They are very conscious of their dressing.

3. Miss Smarty Pants

These are the girls who are awesome at studies especially at computers and all that technology stuff. They are the teachers favorite students and are often teased as the “Teacher’s Pet” or “Goody Two Shoes” and are the main targets for bullies. Also they don’t have a good taste when it comes to fashion.

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